Pigeon River Rafting

A Fun and Safe Adventure for the Whole Family
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For many uninitiated with rafting, it’s only natural to have questions surrounding safety before heading to the river. As far as whitewater rafting near Gatlinburg, TN, is concerned, you couldn’t be in better hands. To help put any worries to bed, check out these helpful insights for why The Pigeon River is the perfect choice for safe family fun.

Your Guide Is A Safety Expert

In addition to knowing every inch of The Pigeon like the back of their hands, guides are highly trained safety experts. Their goal is of course to facilitate the best rafting experience possible, but they keep safety as the top priority, always. Remember, guides make these trips on a daily basis. You can trust that they are putting every bit of that knowledge to work when it comes to keeping you and your family as safe as possible.

Swimming Not Required

“I can’t swim, how could I possibly go rafting?” Can’t swim, no problem. Everyone who goes white water rafting in Gatlinburg with a licensed rafting company is given a Coast Guard certified life preserver. Again, your expert guide will assist you in putting on your floatation device and explain how to safely use it in the water.

Options For The Whole Family

Although Upper Pigeon trips are reserved for kids 8 years and older, The Lower Pigeon is safe for children as young as 3. Lower Pigeon is a calm and relaxing rafting experience which allows the whole family to take in the splendor of The Smokies as well as Cherokee National Forest. The mellow nature of Lower Pigeon is perfect for splashing and swimming to beat the summer heat.

No Experience Required

When it comes to whitewater rafting in Gatlinburg, previous rafting experience is completely unnecessary. Many of the people who hit the river every day have never set a foot in a raft and end up having an amazing time. Rafting on the Pigeon is fun and safe for all skill levels, be it your first time or your hundredth.

If you are thinking of planning your first Gatlinburg whitewater rafting adventure or have questions concerning rafting safety, please don’t hesitate to give Rafting Tennessee a ring at 800.449.7238 or info@raftingtennessee.com

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